We are involved in a variety of different activities that help promote oral health and good dental practices in a wide range of communities. Whether you are a dentist or just someone who is interested in dental hygeine, we have tons of content and resources for you. Here’s what you can find on our site and the activities we are involved in.

Dental Network

We aim to create a comprehensive network of dental professionals that anyone can access to get the resources they need. We are looking for dental providers in a range of cities and towns throughout the world to contribute their contact information so that prospective customers can find the dental services they need. We also want to provide a guide to dental health products that customers can reference before making purchases.

Informative Blog Posts

One of the biggest obstacles that dentists face in promoting oral health is that many people are just unaware of how the mouth works and what you need to do to maintain good hygeine. We publish regular blog posts sourced by dental experts that we hope can help everyone learn a little bit more about dental services and take better care of themselves. If you have a topic you would like to see here on our site, please let us know! We want to provide the most relevant and helpful content possible.

Message Boards

We want to give dentists a place to connect with other professionals in the industry, so we’ve set up an online community where you can ask questions, share stories, and just generally network. We have threads on a variety of different topics for both dentists and readers, so if you have a question or an issue you want to talk about, this is a perfect place to go. We just ask that you be polite and respectful of others while discussing any topic.

Promotion of Healthy Practices

In addition to educating readers online, we are also involved in a variety of local events in several cities aimed at helping the community have better access to oral health resources. We partner with local organizations to get involved in fundraisers and other events that will ultimately help raise awareness of dental hygeine practices as well as help those who can’t afford dental health treatment access it. If you would like us to partner with your local organization in the future, please let us know!